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Bath Fitter costs $7,500 in Australia

September 28, 2021 Comments Off on Bath Fitter costs $7,500 in Australia By admin

A Bath Fitting and Shampoo & Conditioner cost $7.95 in Australia last year, according to data from Australia’s Productivity Commission.

The price was up from $6.40 in 2012.

The commission also found that Australian consumers spent an average of $8.20 on shampoo and conditioners in 2016.

“Our data suggests that the average cost of bath products has increased over the past 12 months and this trend will continue,” said commission chair Julie Manners.

“We hope this information will help consumers make informed choices when purchasing bath and body care products.”

A new shampoo and body wash was also added to the list of products that cost less in Australia in December.

The new shampoo costs $9.40 per bottle.

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What you need to know about bathtubs and shower heads

July 24, 2021 Comments Off on What you need to know about bathtubs and shower heads By admin

Bathtubs are often referred to as ‘bathtubs’, but they are not really baths, according to experts.

They can be used for showering, washing clothes, or for cleaning dishes and furniture.

But how can they be considered bathtub-like?

Al Jazeera’s Stephanie Flanders explains.

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