Why Apple is so excited about building a ‘bath spa’ in California

Why Apple is so excited about building a ‘bath spa’ in California

September 22, 2021 Comments Off on Why Apple is so excited about building a ‘bath spa’ in California By admin

Recode, the media company, is reporting that Apple is interested in building a $100 million-plus bath spa in the California desert.

The tech giant is eyeing the area in Southern California, which is considered an important “green belt” for Silicon Valley.

Apple is planning to build a $300 million facility on land it owns in the San Bernardino, California area, according to Recode.

The company also recently opened a new factory in San Mateo County.

Recode says Apple plans to open a second factory in the Bay Area later this year, which would add another $100 to the $500 million Apple already has in the region.

Apple has also been eyeing San Francisco for a new manufacturing facility, and is also planning a new facility in the city.

The company has also expressed interest in a new “urban park” in the neighborhood, according the report.

Apple is also reportedly planning to develop a new building for its “iPhone” campus in the Silicon Valley, with plans for a 1.5 million square foot building.

Apple’s campus is a prime location for manufacturing, but the facility has a reputation for being a “lackluster” project.

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