When a stone bird in the garden is your savior

When a stone bird in the garden is your savior

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The stone bird was the only bird to make it to the garden where her mother had been killed.

The bird came to fetch the bones of her mother.

The baby was buried there.

On Sunday, the bird came back.

When the mother died, it flew to the cemetery to find the child.

When it got close to the grave, it jumped into the grave and retrieved the child’s bones.

The stone bird, which is called “Tzu”, was buried on Monday in the same cemetery as the baby.

It had come to retrieve the childs bones, and it jumped in to find her body, said Rabbi Moshe Pfeffer, the cemetery director.

The mother was buried beside the grave.

“This bird took care of the child and the child cared for the bird,” Pfefer said.

On Monday, the mother’s remains were brought back to the city and placed in the care of a cemetery employee, who then took care that the bird returned.

The cemetery has been in mourning since then.

“It was a miracle,” Pfer said, adding that the mother had never had any problems with animals before.

The baby’s mother had suffered an allergic reaction to the bird when it visited the cemetery.

It took her to the hospital and then died.

The family has been praying for the baby’s return, Pfeffer said.

The Jewish holiday of Purim is a period of mourning for Jewish people and the animals, so they were very happy to see it.

The mother had also visited the Jewish cemetery for other Jewish holidays.

This year, Pfffer said, the family had visited the animal’s resting place for the Purim holiday, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When the mother came to the burial grounds, she saw the baby in the tomb, Pfer explained.

She was able to recognize it, and the family immediately came to visit her.

Pfeffer said the family was surprised when the bird flew back to find them.

“It took a little bit of time,” Pfffer added.

The bird came in and sat in the window seat and waited for the family.

When they came out, it was already on the ground.

The family was very happy when the baby came back, Pfler said, explaining that it had not even touched the body before the family came to see her.

“We are very happy.

It is like a miracle.”

A mother and baby were brought to the Jewish Cemetery on Monday to the care and comfort of the cemetery employee who was there, Rabbi Moshel Pfeiff.

Pfefeffer also pointed out that this was the first time in a long time that the baby had come back to visit them.

The cemetery employee and her son were at the cemetery on Monday and they were so happy to be reunited, Pfffer said.

“It was very strange, because I don’t know what to say, but it was very good,” he said.

“This is good.

This is a miracle.

It’s very nice.

Thank you for bringing it home.”

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