What is a swimming pool?

What is a swimming pool?

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RTE has launched an online quiz on the meaning of ‘buddies’ as it attempts to clarify whether children can be considered pets.

The quiz, designed to provide an interactive, fun and educational way to understand the word, has been launched by the Irish Independent to coincide with the release of new BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘Buddies’.

In the quiz, the question is: ‘What is a pond?’, and the answer given by the respondent is ‘a pond’.

A new documentary series on BBC Radio4, ‘Bunnies’, will be broadcast on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC Two.

A recent study by the BBC found that in 2015, nearly 70 per cent of people believed that children could be considered ‘toys’.

In a follow-up survey, almost 70 per of respondents said they had pets.

The latest BBC Radio podcast, ‘Mums’, will explore the lives of the most popular family members in the country.

The BBC has produced a range of programmes, including the new BBC Two series ‘What’s on Your Mind’, which is currently being aired on BBC One, on Thursday nights.

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